A documentary about how Out of Body Experiences shape lives

Insight Out

Jade made Insight Out to raise awareness of Out of Body Experiences as a positive tool for self-transformation.

On her journey she discovered others with similar stories whose experiences had shaped their lives in profound ways.

This documentary reveals these stories, disrupts pre-conceived ideas about OBEs and asks provocative questions about the nature of consciousness and reality. 

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Who’s in the documentary?

Dr Eban Alexander (neurosurgeon)

Author of Proof of Heaven

Tom Campbell

Author of My Big T.O.E

Dr Peter Fenwick (neuro-psychiatrist)

Author of The Art of Dying

Sergio Magana
(Mexican Toltec Shaman)

Author of The Toltec Secret & Caves of Power 

William Buhlman
(Monroe Institute & OBE expert) 

Author of Adventures Beyond the Body 

Charlie Morley
(Tibetan Buddhist Lucid Dream expert) 

Author of Dreams of Awakening and Dreaming through Darkness

Dr Penny Sartori
(Near Death Experience expert)

Author of The Wisdom of Near Death Experiences 

Dr Susan Blackmore
(OBE researcher)

Author of Seeing Myself: The New Science of Out of Body Experiences  

Dr Steve Taylor (spiritual awakening researcher)

Author of The Leap and Spirit Science  

Dr David Luke
(altered states researcher)

Anthony Peake (Consciousness researcher)

Author of The Out of Body Experiences & Opening the Doors of Perception

Graham Nicholls
(OBE expert)

Author of Navigating the Out of Body Experience 

Rodrigo Montenegro  

Author of  The Out of Body Experience an experiential anthology

Tim Freke

Author of Soul Story and Lucid Living

For centuries, Astral Projection was taught to monks, royalty and shamans in secret – until now…

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