W A L K  B E T W E E N  W O R L D S ,

A W A K E N  T O  L I F E



“I invite you to lift the veil of perception, go beyond the body and embrace your multidimensional self for the purpose of …”


Spiritual Awakening

Shift your state of being by seeing beyond the physical body, explore the nature of mind and reality.

Cosmic Consciousness

Connect to a higher universal awareness and experience the interconnectedness of all life.

Transcending Fear

Overcoming fear is the art of out of body experience which builds a habit of fearlessness.

Conscious Death

Cultivate compassion & awareness at the point of death and cross over consciously when you die.

Participants Thoughts

  • "Jade brings an enchanting approach to a complex and challenging subject. Her depth and breadth of knowledge is felt through her authenticity and kindness. Her warmth illuminates a genuine pathway that allows her students to grasp the rungs of their own ladder to higher levels of consciousness."
  • Jade is a fantastic guide into the world of astral projection. Having always been fascinated by it, I was so excited to attend her workshop and learn more! What is great about Jade is that she is so wonderfully grounded and real. She makes something as "far out" as OBE seem very accessible'.
    Sally-Anne ReynoldsFounder & Yoga Teacher | www.yogalightvibes.com
  • Jade’s enthusiasm and passion for her subject is infectious. I didn’t believe I would ever have an OBE but after some guidance from Jade and hearing about her experiences I spontaneously had one just a few days later. Jade knows her topic inside out and gives really good practical advice and tips, and all with a great sense of humour!
    Nicole Perkins Mindfulness Teacher





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It is entirely possible that behind the perception of our senses, worlds are hidden of which we are unaware.” – Albert Einstein