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What will you get?

Our world-leading experts will give live talks, offer groundbreaking techniques and answer your biggest questions. Spanning neuroscience to shamanism, this carefully curated programme of specialised classes is designed to take your practice to the next level


Discover the secrets of the world’s best teachers! Learn new tools from diverse fields and traditions on how to have an out-of-body experience for well-being.


Activate your astral body through bio-energy work and the use of safe psychoactive herbs. Create your own home ritual to revolutionise your practise.


Release fears and limitations by overcoming obstacles and troubleshooting problem areas. Boost your confidence and become courageous.


Connect with your classmates and make friends with like-minded people. Gain access to a private Whatsapp group, share your stories and train together.

The Curriculum

Luigi Sciambarella, 29th May

The Monroe Institute
Entities and Otherworlds: Exploring the Multiverse
Otherworld’s or states of mind? The terrains that we traverse during an out-of-body experience are named many things. From Robert Monroes ‘Focus Levels’ to the ‘Spirit World’ and the ‘Astral Planes’…

Tom Campbell, 5th June

Virtual Reality and Beyond: Redefining the Out-of-Body Experience
June 5th

Ready to leave the matrix? Tom ties quantum physics with consciousness, answering your biggest questions about reality…

Graham Nicholls, 12th June

The Liberated Self – The Science and Verification of Out of Body Experiences.

Can you prove an out-of-body experience? Learn how to verify your own journeys. In this class Graham Nicholls will explore the scientific research that has been undertaken into the nature of out-of-body experiences…

Nanci Trivellato, 26th June

Mastering the Vibrational State: Energy tools to supercharge Astral Travel
Raise your energy, raise your chance of Astral Projection. The literature of out-of-body experience has vast reference to energy vibrations (vibrational state) that often accompany the disconnection from the body…

Tree Carr, 3rd July

Wake like an Egyptian: Oneirogens and Ancient Egyptian Practises
They called the astral body Kha and believed it could separate from the soul (Ba) though astral travel. Great value was placed in these celestial journeys…

Sergio Magana, 10th July

The Shamans Dream: Manifestation, Mortality and Mesoamerica

For millennia shamans have accessed information unperceivable to the physical world. They do this using special skills harnessed through altered states of consciousness to access the spirit world…

Charlie Morley, 17th July

Beyond the Bardo: Astral Travel within Tibetan Buddhism
The Dalai Lama says ‘consciousness can be trained to leave the physical body’ but why would we want to and how does this help us? Buddhist and lucid dream expert Charlie Morley shares…

Meet your host

Jade is an out-of-body experience (OBE) researcher and teacher that advocates altered states of awareness for personal and collective change. After a life-changing OBE, she studied the transformative effects of the phenomena for her MSc in Transpersonal Psychology.

Keen to raise awareness of the benefits of this experience, she produced ‘Insight Out’, a film featuring on Gaia TV and Amazon Prime. She was the Astral Projection consultant for the NO1 Netflix series ‘Behind her Eyes’, and last year she won the 2021 Kindred Spirit Magazine Emerging Voice Award.

As part of her ongoing self-transformational journey, Jade has lived in a Tibetan Buddhist Temple for five years, undertaken a pilgrimage around India and has attended Shamanic retreats in Peru. She’s trained with the Mindfulness Association and the renowned Monroe Institute. Her mindfulness approach to OBEs for well-being has been featured in UK national magazines & newspapers Women’s Health, Spirit & Destiny, Daily Express and The Sun.

On top of that, Jade holds a BA Hons degree in Dance & Culture, a foundation degree in Movement Psychotherapy, and is a member of the Science & Medical Network and A Winston Churchill Trust Fellow.

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What students say

"She took the most ‘woo-woo’ topic imaginable and grounded it so that my mind could take on its messages. Definitely recommend this for any OBE seeker or practitioners."
Patrick Rea
"The effect and the feelings of Astral Projection cannot be described by this world’s words unless you experience it! This was an amazing course! I am really very sure of my soul’s eternity and preciousness."
Elif Dastori
"It was impossible not to come home with a refreshed sense of wonder, clarity and possibility- not to mention some awesome simple practical new tools that I felt safe and inspired to use right away."
Maria Schonfeld


Definitely! All the classes are recorded and sent to you afterwards. This means you can catch up in your own time, and the great thing is that you can keep the recordings forever!
No, everyone will get something out of each class, but some basic knowledge is preferable. The academy is for people who are struggling to astral project or want to deepen their practice. If you’re a complete beginner take Jades online ‘Introduction’ workshop first. You can book it here X
Don’t worry, most people are – this is completely normal. Rest assured you will be guided by the world’s best experts and you will be training with a group of new friends.
You bet! The whole class is ‘live’ this includes a Q&A section each week. ALL questions are welcome (yes the weird ones too!).
Get the popcorn ready! You will be sent a private link to my Astral Projection documentary ‘Insight Out’ (currently only available on Amazon Prime and Gaia TV) which features four of our academy experts Tom Campbell, Graham Nicholls, Charlie Morley and The Monroe Institute.

This depends on where you live. The class is at 7:00pm-9:00pm GMT each week, use Google to find out what this time will be in your country.

Are you ready to master the multiverse and experience the impossible?