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Starts from
16th April – 28th May 2023

7 weeks
of live training

6:00 – 8:00pm
UK time

What will you get?

Our world-leading experts will give live talks offer groundbreaking techniques and answer your biggest questions. This carefully curated programme of specialized classes is designed to take your practice to the next level
Plus 4 gifts worth £570


Discover the secrets of the world’s best teachers! Learn new tools from diverse fields and traditions on how to have an out-of-body experience for well-being.


Activate your astral body through bio-energy work and the use of safe psychoactive herbs. Create your own home ritual to revolutionise your practise.


Release fears and limitations by overcoming obstacles and troubleshooting problem areas. Boost your confidence and become courageous.


Connect with your classmates and make friends with like-minded people. Gain access to a private Whatsapp group, share your stories and train together.

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The Curriculum

Joe McMoneagle, 16th April

The Real Stargate: The Truth about using Paranormal Operatives for Intel Collection

Learn from the legendary Psychic Spy, veteran US Army Chief Warrant Officer Joe McMoneagle. For over 20-years, the Department of Defense funded a program using people with psychic abilities, called “Star Gate”. They used Remote Viewing, Astral Projection, Tarot Card Readers and Automatic Writers as Spies to gather intelligence in defense of the Nation.

Gene Hart, 23rd April

Dreamwalker: Harness Gnostic Dreaming
Awaken your consciousness and go beyond the dream. The gnostics knew how to navigate the liminal realms – now you can too. Gene will be teaching Dream Yoga from the Gnostic tradition. As core founder and teacher of the largest astral travel Reddit group and Astral Doorway Youtube he brings a modern approach to ancient teachings.

Jurgen Ziewe, 30th April

Soul Atlas: Navigate the Planes
Navigating new worlds comes with learning their laws. Without this knowledge you won’t get far. Why? It’s the fabric of the multiverse. Jurgan has mapped out 50 years of astral adventures into an atlas. This atlas reveals the rules of reality within out-of-body experiences.

Todd Acamesis, 7th May

The Portal: Transform Your Space
Make your room a portal for astral projection. The area and atmosphere of your space will either drain or supercharge your attempts to leave the body. Often underestimated, yet intrinsic to success rate is the physical and energetic layout of your environment. The architect of astral travel Todd Acamesis shares his feng shui secrets formed over 20 years of carefully crafted experiences.

Rosalie e’Silva, May 14th

Night Yogi: Master Sleep States
Become a night yogi, astral travel using sleep states. Rosalie will teach you how to use the ancient practice of yoga nidra to induce out-of-body experiences (OBEs). You won’t feel tired doing it either! It’s an effortless way of tuning into the energy body and mastering the “mind-awake-body-asleep” state.

Regan Hillyer, May 21st

Infinite Possibilities: Manifest Astral Travel

The world’s top expert in Manifestation will teach you how to manifest an OBE and maximise your practise. If you’ve been struggling to leave your body and have regular experiences, Regan will revolutionise your results. In her first ever class using manifestation for astral travel she will share her Energetic Architecture Method.

Jade Shaw, May 28th

Become Fearless: Alchemise Sleep Paralysis
Heal your trauma and turn a terrifying experience into an incredible adventure. Sleep paralysis is when you wake up but can’t move or speak, and you sometimes sense a scary presence. Studies show that 27.8% to 76% of patients diagnosed with PTSD experience at least one sleep paralysis, whilst 7.6% of healthy people have one.

Meet your Host

Jade Shaw

Jade is an OBE researcher and teacher that advocates altered states of awareness for personal and collective change. After a life-changing OBE, she studied the transformative effects of the phenomena for her MSc in Transpersonal Psychology. 

Keen to raise awareness of this experience, she produced ‘Insight Out’, a film featuring on Gaia TV and Amazon Prime. She is is the coach for the largest online self-growth platform called Mindvalley and was the consultant for the NO1 Netflix series ‘Behind her Eyes’. As part of her ongoing self-transformational journey, Jade has lived in a Tibetan Buddhist Temple for five years, undertaken a pilgrimage around India and has attended Shamanic retreats in Guatemala and Peru.

She’s trained with the Mindfulness Association and the Monroe Institute. Her mindfulness approach to OBEs for well-being has been featured in UK national magazines & newspapers.


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What students say

"Jade has a phenomenal program that I highly recommend. Whether you are just starting with this topic or want to dive deeper into altered states. I absolutely loved the classes"
Stephanie Rank
"The Astral Academy presents you with the opportunity to explore state of the art resources that you can apply to your practise. Plus, you learn from the best teachers out there!"
Cesar Gongora
"The course, the community and the learning has been life-changing for me, and I would recommend it to anyone who is on this journey already, or is thinking about joining it."
Margaret Luce

Our Community


Definitely! All the classes are recorded and sent to you afterwards. This means you can catch up in your own time, and the great thing is that you can keep the recordings forever!
No, everyone will get something out of each class, but some basic knowledge is preferable. The academy is for people who are struggling to astral project or want to deepen their practice. If you’re a complete beginner take Jades online ‘Introduction’ workshop first. You can book it here X
Don’t worry, most people are – this is completely normal. Rest assured you will be guided by the world’s best experts and you will be training with a group of new friends.
You bet! The whole class is ‘live’ this includes a Q&A section each week. ALL questions are welcome (yes the weird ones too!).
Get the popcorn ready! You will be sent a private link to my Astral Projection documentary ‘Insight Out’ (currently only available on Amazon Prime and Gaia TV) which features four of our academy experts Tom Campbell, Graham Nicholls, Charlie Morley and The Monroe Institute.

This depends on where you live. The class is at 6:00 – 8:00pm UK Time each week, use Google to find out what this time will be in your country.

Each semester has a different set of teachers that focus on subjects that have not been taught before. Plus, your class mates are brand new too! Meaning new friends and lessons to level up your practise! 

Are you ready to master the multiverse and experience the impossible?

Past Teachers

Vishen Lakhiani - CEO, Mindvalley

Tree Carr - Oneirogen Herbalist

Tom Campbell - Former NASA Physicist

Shawn Wells -
Biohacking Ingrediantologist

Sergio Magana - Mexican Toltec Shaman

Ross Bartlett - OBE Researcher, PhD

Sarah Janes - Egyptian Anthropologist

Robert Peterson - OBE Teacher

Nanci Trivellato - Co-Founder, IAC

Luigi Sciambarella - OBE Psychotherapist

Lee Holden -
Qi Gong Master

Graham Nicholls - OBE Teacher

Allyn Evans - Director, Monroe Institute

Charlie Morley - Lucid Dreaming Expert