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Our world-leading experts will give live talks, offer groundbreaking techniques and answer your biggest questions. Spanning Biohacking to Qi Gong, this carefully curated programme of specialised classes is designed to take your practice to the next level
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Discover the secrets of the world’s best teachers! Learn new tools from diverse fields and traditions on how to have an out-of-body experience for well-being.


Activate your astral body through bio-energy work and the use of safe psychoactive herbs. Create your own home ritual to revolutionise your practise.


Release fears and limitations by overcoming obstacles and troubleshooting problem areas. Boost your confidence and become courageous.


Connect with your classmates and make friends with like-minded people. Gain access to a private Whatsapp group, share your stories and train together.

What our students say...

The Curriculum

Vishen Lakhiani, 30th Sept


The Portal: The Silva Method for Astral Projection

Known as a portal to superpowers The Silva Method is a mind empowerment methodology founded in 1960 by Texan radio engineer Jose Silva. This system trains people to enter certain brain states of enhanced awareness and develop extrasensory perception (aka psychic abilities)…

Lee Holden, 2nd Oct

Pearl of Consciousness: Activating the Astral Body
Master your astral body and ignite inner alchemy with the world’s leading Qi Gong expert Lee Holden. Lee will be exploring the energy systems of Qigong and Taoist Alchemy for Astral Projection…

Robert Peterson, 9th Oct

7 Secrets to Astral Projection: From Barriers to Breakthroughs
Drawing from his books “Lesson’s Out of the Body” and ‘Hacking the Out-of-Body Experience’ he will share seven secrets to slingshot your practice into the astral planes…

Sarah Janes, 16th Oct

Invoking Mnemosyne: Astral Projection in Ancient Greece.
Heal yourself and others using ancient Greek practices. Learn how to create an Asklepion sleep sanctuary (your own spiritual spa) and activate real-world physiological changes to the mind and body. Researcher, author and cultural historian Sarah Janes will explore techniques of incubation for divine ‘otherworld’ encounters in the ancient Greek Sleep Temple tradition…

Shawn Wells, 23rd Oct

Altered Traits: Biohacking the Astral Plane

Join Ingredientologist Shawn Wells in the world’s 1st ever class on biohacking for astral projection. He explores how you can biohack your body and brain to increase your ability to have out-of-body experiences. Combining his knowledge of nutrition biochemistry with that of formulating products for altered states of awareness…

Ross Bartlett, 30th Oct

Crossing The Veil: Meeting people who have passed over.

How do we connect with dead loved ones through Astral Projection? Out of body experiences have been used throughout diverse cultures to connect with the dead and support their souls journey. Many spiritual traditions suggest the best time to do this is at Samhain (Halloween) and around the ‘Day of the Dead’…

Allyn Evans, 6th Nov

Find your North Star: The Souls Evolution

Disrupting preconceived ideas about astral projection, Allyn Evans takes you on a deep dive into expanded states of consciousness. As the executive director of the Monroe Institute (the place where the CIA learnt OBEs) she flips everything we think we know about Astral Travel. Operating from the notion that we are ‘spiritual beings having a human experience’ she marries spiritual tools with everyday living…

Meet your hosts

Jade Shaw

Jade is an out-of-body experience (OBE) researcher and teacher that advocates altered states of awareness for personal and collective change. After a life-changing OBE, she studied the transformative effects of the phenomena for her MSc in Transpersonal Psychology.

Keen to raise awareness of the benefits of this experience, she produced ‘Insight Out’, a film featuring on Gaia TV and Amazon Prime. She was the Astral Projection consultant for the NO1 Netflix series ‘Behind her Eyes’, and last year she won the 2021 Kindred Spirit Magazine Emerging Voice Award.

As part of her ongoing self-transformational journey, Jade has lived in a Tibetan Buddhist Temple for five years, undertaken a pilgrimage around India and has attended Shamanic retreats in Peru. She’s trained with the Mindfulness Association and the renowned Monroe Institute. Her mindfulness approach to OBEs for well-being has been featured in UK national magazines & newspapers Women’s Health, Spirit & Destiny, Daily Express and The Sun.

On top of that, Jade holds a BA Hons degree in Dance & Culture, a foundation degree in Movement Psychotherapy, and is a member of the Science & Medical Network and A Winston Churchill Trust Fellow.

Gene Hart

Gene spent ten years exploring expanded states of consciousness and out-of-body experiences before working publicly to share his insights; publishing his first book, ‘Beyond Dreaming’. He holds a BA Hons degree in Philosophy, specialising in phenomenology and the experience of ‘Gnosis’ through lucid dreaming and astral projection. He was part of a Gnostic school for several years and is still a devoted student of Gnosticism while maintaining his own broader approach.

For Gene, astral projection became the gateway to realise the urgency and necessity of following a path of self-knowledge, and as he progressed, teaching others became a natural part of that path. Gene teaches how astral projection is an integral part of reality and a crucial part of each person’s journey of ‘awakening’.

Gene recalls in his previous life that he was a famous musician who studied and practiced astral projection in private, but never told others due to fear of what they would think. Today, he enjoys freely sharing his knowledge publicly on his YouTube channel, ‘Astral Doorway’ with 76k subscribers. He runs the astral projection Reddit forum with 260k members, and he’s currently writing his next book, ‘The Fire of Inner Revolution’.

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What students say

"She took the most ‘woo-woo’ topic imaginable and grounded it so that my mind could take on its messages. Definitely recommend this for any OBE seeker or practitioners."
Patrick Rea
"The effect and the feelings of Astral Projection cannot be described by this world’s words unless you experience it! This was an amazing course! I am really very sure of my soul’s eternity and preciousness."
Elif Dastori
"It was impossible not to come home with a refreshed sense of wonder, clarity and possibility- not to mention some awesome simple practical new tools that I felt safe and inspired to use right away."
Maria Schonfeld

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Definitely! All the classes are recorded and sent to you afterwards. This means you can catch up in your own time, and the great thing is that you can keep the recordings forever!
No, everyone will get something out of each class, but some basic knowledge is preferable. The academy is for people who are struggling to astral project or want to deepen their practice. If you’re a complete beginner take Jades online ‘Introduction’ workshop first. You can book it here X
Don’t worry, most people are – this is completely normal. Rest assured you will be guided by the world’s best experts and you will be training with a group of new friends.
You bet! The whole class is ‘live’ this includes a Q&A section each week. ALL questions are welcome (yes the weird ones too!).
Get the popcorn ready! You will be sent a private link to my Astral Projection documentary ‘Insight Out’ (currently only available on Amazon Prime and Gaia TV) which features four of our academy experts Tom Campbell, Graham Nicholls, Charlie Morley and The Monroe Institute.

This depends on where you live. The class is at 7:00pm-9:00pm GMT each week, use Google to find out what this time will be in your country.

Each semester has a different set of teachers that focus on subjects that have not been taught before. Plus, your class mates are brand new too! Meaning new friends and lessons to level up your practise! 

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