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W O R K  W I T H  M E

Work with me one to one to harness the out of body state to live a fearless and awakened life.


You are a multidimensional being capable of going beyond our known reality.

You hold the power to liberate your limitations and lead an awakened life free from fear.

You do not have to be special, rely on external equipment or have a near death experience to achieve the OBE state.

With my guidance you will have the knowledge and courage to embark on a tailored plan to transcend the physical body and have consistent OBE experiences.

I N D I V I D U A L   S E S S I O N 

Have a bespoke one to one session!

Learn basic fundamentals, evolve your practise, resolve a problem and get help with your journey. 

This session addresses your personal needs. 

Price: 75

C O A C H I N G   P A C K A G E  

Lets work together over 3 months!

Spread your sessions out so you have time to train, absorb and go deep into the practise.

This package is over a 3 month period, the first session is 90mins (1 hour thereafter) as I get to know you and what type of approach might work best for you. We are uniquely different and I tailor techniques to develop your bespoke personal practise.*


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*All sessions happen online via Skype. 

Ad Astra!

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