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I will inspire and motivate your audience about Out of Body Experiences, Astral Projection or expanded states of consciousness for personal growth.

I tell my own story alongside real-world case studies in order to

  • Encourage self-transformation
  • Disrupt limited perception
  • Create new possibilities.

My approach embraces the gap between spiritual & scientific views, whilst offering a shared space for interaction, questions and exploration.


Transform Your World from the Edge of Your bed

Workshops are interactive and offer practical techniques via a 3 step process to learn how to self-initiate an Out of Body Experience. 

They draw on mindfulness, visualisation, breath-work and physical exercise’s to navigate the state so that we feel safe, equipped and empowered to start a home practise. 

  • Introductory ‘get started’ session (90mins/2hrs)
  • One day ‘deep dive’ workshop (8hrs)
  • Weekend ‘journey far’ workshop (14hrs)

Dr Susan Blackmore, Psychologist

“The most common after-effects of OBEs seem to be very positive and very similar to that of some kinds of mystical experiences, they become less afraid of death, less concerned about material goods, having stuff, and more interested in other people and relationships.”

The only way out is in

Workshop content for beginners to intermediate levels:

  • Why the OBE state is a powerful self-realisation tool
  • Perspectives from both the western scientific field and eastern traditions 
  • Why motivation & intention is key to success
  • Developing ‘projection’ plans
  • How to achieve ‘mind-awake body-asleep’ awareness (the prepatory state for an OBE)
  • How to harness the ‘vibrational stage’ often prerequisite to OBE
  • When and how to use ‘exit’ techniques from the physical body
  • How to overcome fear in altered states of consciousness
  • What to expect in the environments beyond the body
  • Sleep cycle planning & real-world application
  • Better sleep hygiene (for better OBEs)
  • How the OBE practise benefits your daily life.

Tom Campbell, EX NASA Physicist

“They help you understand that life isn’t just getting through this physical process, its not just getting up going to work, coming home, watching TV, going to bed, getting up, its not just that treadmill, that’s not really what’s important, that’s not the real reason we’re here.”



Get expert advice on out of body experiences and astral projection for your work or project.

Jade can provide theory and/or experiential consultation through presentation, Q&A or workshop format in the following areas…

  • Virtual & Augmented Reality
  • Arts & Theatre
  • Film & Screen
  • Education & Mental Health

Carl Jung

“Until you make the unconscious conscious, it will direct your life and you will call it fate.”

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